My name is Lorenz Woehr and I'm a multi-disciplinary designer, developer and maker. Currently living and working in Munich, Germany.

My career already started when I was still in high school, teaching myself to develop websites at the age of ten. Due to the rising impact of smartphones, I also started programming mobile applications and began getting really excited about the creative part of it, discovering my passion for design in the process.





A deep understanding of what the user wants and needs is the foundation of all my projects. Working closely with my clients I truly get to know their business and goals to create a successful and innovative product.

I specialize in web, mobile and print with emphasis on UI/UX. Continuous prototyping and user testing guide every step of my iterative process. Equal focus on concept and traditional design principles allow me to uncover new design opportunities while keeping the product simple and functional.

Over the past years I built up a strong global network of professional developers turning designs into reliable apps and websites. Although I'm an experienced developer myself I'm mostly the director in this process. Due to my experience I can anticipate future technologic trends and learned what works - and what doesn't.

Having an idea is great but it requires the right execution to convince your investors and users. Instead of just getting paid for my service, I frequently offer equity in exchange. I share the risk and become your long-term partner - with all my experience and knowledge.

Over nine years in the business, Lorenz has worked with leading enterprises such as the BMW Group & many exciting startups all around the globe.

Selected projects & activities